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Do Red Light Camera Really Work

Red Light Camera

Red light camera or traffic light safety program is designed to keep the driver’ safe from the intersections. As per a recent survey, this is seen that 60 percent of road accidents only occur due to red light infractions. Red light camera basically helps in taking the photo of the vehicle when it passes in the red light.

You will not be able to avail the red-light ticket when you are in the intersection and waiting to turn during the light changes. The red-light ticket is only for them who have already processed into the intersection after the traffic signal is displaying red.

How the camera work

The red-light system activates itself if the vehicle is still in motion even when after the light has turned into red. It takes two images of the alleged violation from the rear of the vehicle.

What the first rear image tells

From the first image, the vehicle is located from the gear at white stop bar and it’s illuminated red light.

Second rear image shows

It shows the violator from the middle of the world intersection with red light illumination.

License plate image

This is not a license plate separate image, rather you can say this is the close up view from the violation images.

It captures data

When the vehicle is into the intersection during the red light in the stop bar, red light camera captures the time, dare and duration of the lights in its system.

It is featured with video maker

The red-light camera can also record 12 second digital video if the violation occurs. This video includes six seconds prior and six seconds after turning the light into red.

How-to spot a red light camera

There are post signs for alerting the drivers that the area is under the lenses of Red light camera. These signs can be spotted from around 50-100 feet from the intersection. There can be sine extra lines in the intersection. It works as the indicators when the violence take its place. The violation depends on the side of the red line from where the photo is taken.

These cameras come with so many designed. You can find some of these in large square white or silver box and here the flash is strategically placed under the box. Some cameras come with flash and camera in the same box where some of them look like surveillance cameras. You can find these cameras on white or metal poles close to the intersection. These poles are basically positioned at the right of the intersection. Some of the cameras are positioned on all the four corners depending on the violation on the same area.

Today, you can find many areas with red light cameras to promote road safety. There are some arguments that red light cameras are the cause of most of the crashes. However, considering all of the benefits of red-light cameras and support from the academic research, these arguments are now turned into just like some ‘fake news’.

Please include attribution to Cobra.com with this graphic.

Red Light Camera


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