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3 Steps to Boost Your Youtube Channel

Boost Your Youtube Channel

So you have a YouTube channel and have put in a lot of effort into creating content for it. You have over a hundred videos on your favourite subject but somehow the views are not coming in. What are you doing wrong? Is it the content, the description, the tags… why are your competitors raking in more views for content that doesn’t even match up to yours? 

In the ever competitive digital space, everyone’s scrambling for eyeballs. YouTube is a fantastic democractic platform for businesses and content-creators to put their ideas and content out there. But until you focus on certain key things to pull in the attention-deficit surfer, your channel might just be lost in the millions that are out there. Even online casinos these days are using certain tricks to boost their SEO and draw players. There are many ways to start increasing traffic to your channel and here are some of the important ones to focus on.

Focus on Video Titles

Remember to have good attractive video titles which include as much description of the video as possible. Focussing on your title will help YouTube’s search algorithm to immediately pick up the video and deliver to people who are searching for it. To ensure that you are using the correct keywords, you need to do some research through the Google Keyword Planner. Select the YouTube search on the Google Keyword Planner and get a list of the kind of keywords that users are looking for to use for your titles. This will dramatically increase views for your channel.

Thumbnail Image should be attractive and optimised

Many times, users will click on a video simply because the thumbnail is begging for attention. Think of it as the cover of a magazine. It should have the best of your video in it. But also remember not to lie on your cover. The image should reflect what the video contains and should not be misleading because that could lead to the viewer never returning to your channel ever again. Remember to use high quality images and bold coloured fonts on these images to draw the person in. Think of this as a shop. Once you have enticed the viewer to click on the title, they should be interested enough to check out your other videos and finally press on Subscribe.

Use Viral Trends and Collaborate with other YouTubers

It’s always useful to keep your content relevant to the times you live in. Almost every day there is a viral trend that picks up over the internet and it’s worth riding that wave. Think of it as a stock market where when the market starts going up everyone starts making money. Sometimes the most random thing like a breakup video can go viral. It’s also a very good idea to collaborate with other YouTube influencers and content creators. This will promote cross-channel traffic and also creates a sense of community. Viewers love to be part of communities. 

These were just a few tips to start increasing your YouTube presence but you can always supplement with more tricks like creating transcripts for all your videos and sometimes even copying the best of your industry’s videos. If you have the budget, you can also try investing a bit in YouTube promotions. However, always remember that content is king and if your videos are informative and you follow the above points, you will achieve success. 


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