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Security Practices While Migrating to the Cloud

Cloud Migration Best Security Practices

Cloud computing is the practice of using the network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store data. It has come a long way. It provides various benefits. Now it is very easy to access data from anywhere anytime. Many organisations are looking forward to using Cloud services because it is becoming more and more difficult for organisations to keep data in systems. It is not so easy to ensure systems up and running and data stays safe. Cloud computing is a solution to all these problems.

Many companies are embracing cloud computing because it is cost-saving, provides security, brings flexibility, mobility and increases collaboration. Cloud vendors are responsible for setting up physical data centers where you store, process and distribute a large amount of data. There are various types of models offering different resources. SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) are three types of service models:

Coming onto the cloud migration, it is the process of moving some of your digital operations to the cloud. There are various cloud architectures, but some of them are very complex. Before you embark on digital migration, remember that traditional network benchmarks will come to an end. It means standard security protocols no longer fit for digital storage.

A recent survey has revealed that more than 50% of companies are concerned about cloud security and almost 30% do not know what to do if cloud data has been compromised. It demonstrates that many organisations do not know how exactly they should use cloud-computing solutions leaving their data susceptible to security threats. Before you migrate to the cloud, it is paramount that you identify your needs, assess your skills and inventory of your resources and above all follow the best security services. Here are some of the best security practices you must follow while migrating to the cloud.

Zero-trust security framework

Cloud computing solutions are undoubtedly a good way to store data, but they also come with certain challenges. Cloud models provide more than 1000 applications to the user, but they are associated with the risk. Having data on the cloud means everyone in your organisation has the freedom to access the data, which means anybody can access the data anytime from anywhere. This gives an easy way to hackers to attack data that traditional security systems such as gateways and firewalls cannot protect.

This is why you should forget the traditional security perimeter. You need to adopt new methods to keep your data from threats if you want to make the most of cloud computing. Instead of relying on traditional sources, you should look forward to implementing a zero-trust security framework. It does not allow anyone to access the data, assuming that it has already been compromised, without verification. Every time if you access data, you will have to verify.

Data is more vulnerable to threats because data keeps flowing between various devices on the internet. The zero-trust model requires verification of each device. In addition, it also ensures that apps, network and users are authorised. Once all these verification steps are done, you will get access to the data.

Use biometrics instead of password as protection method

If you want to protect the cloud data, the password is not a reliable security method. Studies have discovered that credential theft accounts for 90% of unauthorised access to the data. Since cloud computing requires you to store data on the internet, the chances of exploitation increase. Studies have also found that entrepreneurs use the same password for more than one application. Of course, it seems difficult to recycle a new password for each application if you have been using all of them. Cloud consists of over 1000 applications. It means one stolen password can provide hackers with inordinate amount of data. Of course, you cannot afford the risk of losing your data. It can put your company’s reputation at stake. Avoid using the traditional approach of securing your data. Instead, try to find out new methods to overcome this problem. Try to use multi-factor applications or biometrics to keep your data secure. If you are looking for a new website then you must hire a WordPress developer as WordPress is a popular CMS and managing a website on WordPress is so easy for non-tech people. Build your site and upload it to the cloud so that it could be a more secure site for everyone.

Unified endpoint management system

Organisations need to define a new benchmark to ensure the protection of data. Since multiple devices are used including mobiles to access data, it is important that organisations build a unified approach. This is where you will enroll your devices in a unified endpoint management system. It ensures that your devices are encrypted and allows for the deletion of dangerous apps and prevents data from being seen. It not only ensures that data is secure but also boosts productivity.

The bottom line

Having your data on the cloud brings a lot of benefits. However, you make sure that you know the best security practices. Many organisations do not have an complete idea of data migration to the cloud. Cloud investment is undoubtedly expensive. If you are running out of money, you can take out installment loans.

Author’s bio:

Stela Parker is a financial advisor at Loan Lender where she is responsible for offering various types of loans. She has recently observed that many people take out loans for investing in cloud services. She has expressed some concerns related to data migration to the cloud in this blog.


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