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Go for Arlo WiFi Setup with Astounding Arlo App

arlo camera setup

Arlo Pro cameras not only help you to keep an eye at your place but also provides a brilliant features range that helps you to visualize the live video footage of your residence. Arlo Pro cameras work on batteries that mean it does not need any wire backup for power. If you have bought the Netgear Arlo pro camera that you have made the right decision. Arlo cameras are easy to set up with Arlo app These security cameras are designed weather-proof and with a movable mount so that you can easily mount it anywhere at your residence.

The Arlo Pro camera is best known to offer a secure atmosphere to your loved ones and friends. It comes with advanced security properties such as cloud storage, remotely access control, HD recording, and many more. In the particular article section, we will discuss the deep glance about Netgear Arlo camera along with the detailed Arlo wireless setup instructions.

Step by Step Instructions for Arlo Camera WiFi Setup

These Arlo WiFi setup instructions can be used to set up Arlo camera with the base station. Follow the below-mentioned setup instructions:

Step 1: Download & Install the Netgear Arlo App

  • The Arlo WiFi setup is quite quick and pretty painless. To start the initial setup process, download the Arlo app on our Android or iOS smartphone.
  • Open the app and tap on the “New to Arlo” button.
  • Now choose which Arlo device you are looking forward to setting up. Choose the device and Arlo application and then next you have to install the Netgear Arlo base station.
  • Next, you have to take an Ethernet cable and make it connect in between the base station and router with Ethernet cable.
  • Plug in the AC power cable into the electric socket and then power ON the Arlo base station.
  • Once you have done with the base station set up, tap “Continue”.
  • The Arlo application will automatically lookup for the hub within your home network.
  • Select the “Time Zone” and then press the “Save” button.
  • Now give your base station a name and tap on Continue button.

Step 2: Create a Netgear Arlo Account

  • Now create a Netgear Arlo account. Mention your email address and press the “Continue” button.
  • Mention the username and password for Arlo login account.
  • Agree on the terms and conditions and privacy policy. Tap on the “Next” button.

Step 3: Sync the Arlo Pro Camera with the Base Station

  • Now all you need to sync the Arlo camera with the Netgear Arlo base station.
  • During the sync process, keep your Arlo camera within a couple of feet away from the base station.
  • Tap on the “Continue” button.
  • Open the camera’s back cover and insert the batteries.
  • Now press the Sync button present on the top of the Arlo base station. The green LED light will start blinking on the base station.
  • Tap the Sync button and wait for the LED to turn in to blue.
  • Once both the Arlo pro camera and base station are in sync mode, leave them for 5 to 10 minutes for proper sync and to connect with each other.
  • Tap on “Continue” button till you the “Sync Complete” does not appear on the screen. Now you can go for Arlo pro login for the further setup procedure.
  • Hit on “Finish” button and then click on “Add More Cameras”, if you want to add one more Arlo camera.

Step 4: Update the Arlo Camera Firmware & Base Station

  • Once the Sync process has been done properly, tap on “Finish” button.
  • It will take automatically you back to the Arlo app main screen, where you will be prompted for Arlo camera update. If any problem retries for Arlo camera login
  • Tap on “Update Base Station” and wait for few minutes to get it up-to-date with the latest firmware.
  • Now tap on “Update Camera” to get the latest camera update.

Step 5: Live Arlo Camera Test

Now as you have successfully done with the complete Arlo WiFi setup. It’s time to move for a live Arlo camera test. All you need to just tap on the “Live” button to view the Arlo camera performance and live footage.

This is all about the Arlo camera WiFi setup. If you still have any issue or queries related to Arlo wireless camera setup. Feel free to share with us through comments.


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