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6 Features You Should Check Before Purchasing a Spa Software

Purchasing the best salon and spa software for your salon can be quite a minefield. There is a number of software available in the market that makes it confusing for business owners to choose the best. The best salon software is the way to attract more customers, generate more leads, managing inventory control, and calculate the payroll of your salon business. And if the salon software, you purchase is not able to make your all these tasks smoothly then there is no use of it. Your software should be capable enough to make all your salon related works easy and convenient for you.

If you are also a salon owner and looking to purchase a salon and spa software, then to aware of you from the salon software purchasing process, we’ve come up with the best features that you must look before purchasing salon software. Let’s discuss one by one.

1. Powerful scheduling capabilities:

Before you purchase a spa software, you must recognize the scheduling capabilities of the software. It should possess the fast online appointment booking process from your customer side and immediate acceptance of their appointment in no time. It will help you both save time, enable you to accept more bookings, and eventually generate more leads. So, whenever you plan you purchase salon software, make sure it is centralized to give you desired results.

2. Direct Response Marketing

As you know marketing plays an important role in getting more sales & leads for your salon business. So, when you start searching for a centralized & powerful spa software for small business, be sure it includes email marketing as the best direct response marketing resource. With an integrated email marketing option, you can have the facility to send out automated reminders to your potential customers within a few clicks. Using this feature, you’ll be able to target specific customers with particular offers to their buying habits. For instance, you have a group of 20 percent of female customers who only want to get a cleansing package and deep tissue massages. At this time, you can specifically offer cleansing & massage discounts to them. Don’t waste their time with lotion deals and other salon & spa services. Customize your messages/email according to your customer’s needs.

3. Inventory Management:

There is a time to come when you get tired of selling products physically in your salon. At this time, you can get benefited from salon software. Get salon and spa business software that performs inventory management for you so you can sync your sales with your inventory can take you salon business sales to the next level. Be sure the software you are thinking to purchase is capable to manage all your inventory control information, such as records of in-stock & out-of-stock products, number of products consumed in a day, number of customers who purchase your products along with having your spa services and the most important number of sales and measurement of ROI. If the software posses all these particular inventory control features, then it is good to go.

4. Customer Management:

Look for salon software that first of all has an ultimate appointment booking features. Salon software will be the hub of your salon, so needs to be clear, simple and easy to access with single-key commands. It should be capable enough to maintain all your customers’ data confidentially. Customer contact details, history of past appointments, previous treatments and products they purchased, comments and warnings they write to you, even how they like your salon, its location, coffee, all are stored in the best manner for your use in the future. Having these details makes booking appointments quick, transparent and easy to access, ensures no mistakes are made and impresses your customers with your staff member’s efficiency & knowledge.

5. Staff Management:

Managing your staff is also one of the important features that you should look out while purchasing spa software. The best software will allow you to easily create daily and weekly rosters of your staff members. As you know, this software has the ability to assign client online bookings to your staff daily, depending on their specialty and capability, so it’s crucial when your purchase software you think you are able to access and use performance reports hassle-free. Performance reports may include a number of clients served, products sold, re-bookings made, appointments canceled, up-selling items and more, sorted by the dates you enter. Good software will calculate hours precisely worked with just a sign-in/sign out system, and help you know the staff commission incentives, bonuses and more automatically.

6. Support System:

This is a feature that is often overlooked by the majority of salon and spa business owners, but if you’re a salon owner and ever have a problem with your software that you are using, then it becomes crucial for you to fix issues instantly. So, before purchasing a Salon management software, you should analyze properly that is that software giving you access to a support system through the phone and/or instant email, with a guaranteed same-day reply or not? Also, prepare yourself to deal with inexperienced IT geeks & Support Centres where the salon software provider “outsources” the support-related responsibilities to an independent company of usually non-industry supporters. Once you fix your software issues, only then you’ll be able to provide support to your customers. So, make sure your salon provides a personalized support system to fix your and your client’s issues.


These are the following features that you must look at while purchasing spa software. Well, if you haven’t found such software that possesses all these features yet, then “Salonist” is the best. It contains all those features that will not only ruin your business process smoothly but also help generate better sales revenues. Using “salonist software”, you will be able to manage all online appointments, your customer’s data, inventory control, staff payrolls, customer’s memberships, POS, and the most important part of your salon is the track of sales and generated revenue & conversions. This software will eliminate all your hassles to run your salon & spa business smoothly and attract customers in simpler and easy manner. If you are looking for such software with ultimate features to increase your business, then why don’t you give “salonist” a try? It’s never too late to make the right decisions about your salon business.

Author Bio:

This article is written by Julia Ching. She is associated with Salonist, where she is working as a writer. She manages all content management projects and is keenly interested in writing technology, CRM software and Business Software related topics. For more follow her on Twitter @juliaching6


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