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Technological evolution of the monitors

Your choice is very important because you must visualize your programs correctly while keeping your brain and eyes rested.

The history of PC monitors has always been very similar to that of graphics cards. At the beginning they could only work with text and it wasn’t until several years later that thanks to the CGA cards they managed to reach up to four colors. Then it went to 16, then 256, and 65536 colors coming to the present where any monitor can show without problems about 17 million different colors.CRT The CRT or cathode ray monitors were the first used in the PC world. They were very bulky and spent much more power than today. Among its advantages is that they were better suited to any screen width or height than more modern technologies. In addition, they lacked certain problems such as viewing dark colors or limited viewing angles than if you have current monitors.

LCD The acronym  LCD in Spanish is a liquid crystal display. In these, the technology used is very similar to that of electronic calculators and watches. Their main problem is that they need a back panel to backlight the image since this material does not emit light. Without this layer the images would not be seen for example if you use it in a dark room.

Another problem is the native resolution. On a screen that uses this technology you have subdivided the image into millions of small pixels. The number of them is defined since leaving the factory and a monitor will always have problems if you do not choose exactly that and want to work with a different one.

LED. The LED screens  are similar to the previous ones. But, in this case the layer that illuminates from behind is built with an array of small LEDs. You get better image quality, lower consumption and that the monitor is much finer.

OLED Materials are used that have the property of lighting up when an electric current passes through them, so it is no longer necessary to have a backlit display. Its big problem is that its price, since at least for now, is very high.

Buying tips for a monitor

One of the best tips I can give you is to see it in a store before buying it, even if you are going to buy it later by any other method, be it the Internet or a physical store.

There are so many different technologies associated with the world of monitors, it is very difficult to know what quality you can get. Don’t forget that lighting conditions also condition the way a monitor looks.

Also compare ,  online and in any store prices, is the best way to find offers. Your way of using the PC is what ultimately defines what you should buy. For example, a player will need a screen with a rapid response time which are built with TN panels and are usually cheaper. A user who is dedicated to photography or who likes to spend a long time reading in front of the monitor will require a monitor with IPS panel which have more real colors.

When to spend more on a monitor?

The monitor is the key piece in terms of comfort for your work in front of a PC. It is not a bad idea to invest something else in a good one since it is usually the only survivor when the  CPU can no longer.

As I told you before if you are going to spend a lot of time in front of the monitor or need higher quality colors, choose one with IPS panel that will be somewhat more expensive but in the long run you will appreciate it.

Do not forget a quality graphics card, a very expensive monitor is worth nothing if after this device is not going to be able to give you enough fluidity.

What connections does a monitor have?

VGA The oldest, consider any of the others if you are going to spend many hours in front of him since they will give you better image quality.

DVI This is a fully digital standard, which essentially means that the image will be sharper. It shows quite a lot on LED and LCD screens.

DisplayPort Next generation, designed to replace the previous two, can carry the built-in audio signal.

HDMI It was not born in principle for PC but to connect other devices, but it is used more and more and gives enough quality for many jobs.

You can find more information in the article “Differences between VGA, display port, HDMI, DVI, Thunderbolt”.

How can I make multi-monitor configurations?

You have to allow your graphics card. At present it is possible to do it without any problem. There are many work environments that are configured with three monitors or even more.

Thanks to the advantages offered by operating systems such as Windows, it is possible to use several configurations such as extended desktop that can help you a lot in your work.

What do I have to look at when buying a monitor?

Basically the specifications of the monitors are:

Size.  Measured in inches.

Aspect Ratio  It informs you of the relationship between height and width. The wider it is better to watch certain types of movies and more uncomfortable to work.

Number of pixels or point width.  They are two numbers that tell us the same. If the screen has a higher number of pixels, higher resolutions can be used without losing image quality .

Luminosity or brightness.  It is the intensity that the monitor can give you, very important if you are going to use it in an environment where it is impossible to achieve that there are no other illuminations.

Static and dynamic contrast.  Proportion between maximum and minimum brightness. The larger this number, the more real the image is. Above all it is very important if you are going to watch movies with a lot of action and low brightness.

Response time.  Measure how quickly the pixels change color. Important if you are going to use it for games.

Viewing angles  Maximum angle in relation to the screen from which you can look without the image beginning to not be seen. In almost all current monitors it is 180 degrees which is the same as saying that they look good from any angle.

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