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Types of DIY Refrigeration Repairs

Refrigeration Repairs Tips

The refrigerator has become one of the important electronics of a household for many years. People use it to keep raw as well as cooked food for a long time. This refrigerator is also used to cool water, make ice creams and other types of desserts. It is an essential product for every kitchen nowadays. The refrigerator is one of the most complex machines that are found in almost every household, and even in some offices and commercial spaces. It stays on 24/7 and keeps working to keep your food fresh. But due to continuous rigorous use, it undergoes wear and tear over time and develops issues like defrosting problems, cooling problems, faulty wires, broken drain plates, drainage blockage, socket sparking, door problems, etc. Since it is a high voltage machine that can fatally electrocute you, you should always let professional experts diagnose and fix the problem rather than doing it yourself. However, here we will talk about a few common refrigeration repairs that you can try performing on your own if you stay safe and be sure.

Common sign your refrigerator needs repairing and how you can do it yourself,

The refrigerator is not cooling enough:

If your refrigerator’s cooling capacity has reduced significantly or if it is not cooling at all, then the first thing you must do is to clean your condenser coil using a vacuum or condenser coil brush. Don’t forget to unplug the equipment first. If this cleaning does not resolve your problem, then call an expert to perform the needed refrigeration repairs. It might need a defrost thermostat replacement.

The freezer is not making ice:

If your freezer is not making ice, then the culprit must be a blockage in the water inlet valve. Another problem might be that your freezer motor module is seized and needs replacement. To fix this, shut off the valve from your water supply and start checking for any wears and kinks. Check if your filter or screen has some debris build-up. If yes, then try cleaning it with a brush. The freezing system of your refrigerator might be having an issue with its mechanism. Modern fridge models use heat to let the cubes be released. If the problem lies in this part, you may need to call an expert. They will come to your place and diagnose the problem with the help of some electrical tests. Accordingly, they will carry out the refrigeration repairs that are required.

The refrigerator is not turning on:

If your refrigerator not turning on at all, then probably the problem is not with your refrigerator, but with your power supply. It may seem to be too obvious, but many people ignore it. First, check if the power cord of your refrigerator is properly inserted into the power outlet on the wall. If it is properly inserted, make sure that the switch is turned on. If that’s also fine, then check any signs of damage in your power outlet. Change the power outlet of your refrigerator and see if it’s working now. If it still does not work, then probably your refrigerator’s electronic control board is damaged. Call an expert to conduct the needed refrigeration repairs.

The refrigerator is leaking:

Sometimes, you may notice pools of water under your refrigerator. Every refrigerator produces some amount of water due to ice melting and condensation. When such functions stop functioning, you may notice puddles of water inside or outside the fridge. First, make sure that your refrigerator is properly levelled. The fridge has a pan under it which collects water when it evaporates. If your refrigerator is tilted, the water may spill out of the pan and create puddles underneath. If it is levelled, then try clearing the drain tube. If this tube has a blockage, then the water may leak into the lower compartments and make puddles. If that does not solve your problem, call professionals who are experts at conducting refrigeration repairs.

refrigerator cooling capacity

Now that we have told you about some common fridge problems and possible refrigeration repairs, try them out, and if they do not resolve your problem, call the experts. A refrigerator has become the ultimate necessity in every commercial establishment these days. It is extensively used for keeping dairy products, cold cuts, fruits, vegetables, raw meat, and other products fresh from spoilage. Since it is heavy machinery, it needs repair from time to time to keep working in optimum condition. A refrigerator in need of repair can cause great inconvenience to the users and wastage of a lot of resources. If you want to prevent this, you should keep a check on the working of your refrigerator and address the problem as quickly as possible.

If your refrigerator is in the warranty period and has developed some issues, you should straightaway call the refrigeration repair service from the manufacturer. Refrigerator units are fully liable for free servicing during the warranty period. If your refrigerator is not in a warranty period, it is a great idea to get in touch with the manufacturer repair service since this will help you in getting original parts replaced with ease. Technicians from the manufacturer’s end will have more skill in handling your unit since it is their job to do so day in and day out.

Hence, always choose the right refrigerator repairs service provider that ensures your refrigerator works properly and smoothly and thereby offers maximum customer satisfaction. There are a lot of refrigerator repairs companies that you can find online with just a few taps of a finger. So, find the best one that meets your requirements on time.

Also, it is highly recommended to service your refrigerator annually to avoid big repairs and massive expenses. So, what are you thinking about? Kick start your research for finding the ideal service provider to carry out the refrigerator repair in a proper manner. Some of them can be handled by the owner but if the problem still persists, he should call a professional for resolving the problems. Make sure to be alert and notice all that happens around your fridge.


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