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What are football jerseys made of?

football jerseys

It is essential for soccer players to feel comfortable with their clothes at each game’s time, being essential to know what material the soccer jerseys make of so that they can avoid any inconvenience and can exercise necessary movements freely while doing the sport. 

Uniforms have been a particular and indispensable element in sports since time immemorial, which is why for years, we have learned to select the fabrics or any material for their manufacture, what is required and with the appropriate design, even involving technological advances.

Manufacture of soccer shirts

It should note that for several decades natural fibers have been used to manufacture sportswear, such as cotton and even silk, however. Although they are comfortable and relaxed, when they get wet, they become bulky, uncomfortable, and complicate the free movements, among other details.

Such humidity is maintained in natural fiber cheap soccer jerseys for a long time, living a little unsuitable for footballers because they generate constant sweat, including our closet’s sportswear, so advanced technology managed to create fibers capable of counteracting these drawbacks. 

Similarly, this variety of fabrics elaborated from the ingenious and new synthetic fibers create a classification between the cheap soccer jerseys or the most expensive ones; it will depend on the advance applied for its manufacture. Besides, it is already a matter of taste and reactions to the skin that you will be able to choose the one that best suits you. 

The textile technology has evolved and implemented the necessary tests for several years to verify the human body’s diverse reactions when experiencing several temperature changes while carrying out some physical activity, managing to advance very fast with the elaboration of appropriate T-shirts.

Details of the soccer shirts

For the design of soccer shirts, comfort and freshness must take into account. Since many fabrics do not achieve that purpose, textile technology has been able to stand out, producing fabrics thanks to synthetic fibers that allow human beings to perform sports with much more freedom while the threads do another job. 

This type of fabric, to which advanced technology is applied, is mainly characterized by being waterproof, durable, adaptable, and capable of evaporating sweat by transporting it to the surface so that the body’s temperature can remain stable and appropriate to continue with the sport.

Another interesting fact of this mechanism is that they keep producing the bacteria that cause the terrible smell under control, being ideal for those who continuously practice soccer or any other sport, even for physical training activities, gymnasium, and others considering the critical areas of the body.

Also, since soccer usually plays on open fields, without roofs, being exposed to the sun’s rays, it has been possible to develop garments capable of protecting us from UV rays. It is thus highlighting this material even on professional team shirts such as the Mexican league soccer jerseys, for example.

 This type of garments made with synthetic fibers is not only applied to the elaboration of professional uniforms as the recognized teams in the world of sports but also taken into account for the garments that we usually come to use for our exercises and even the day today. 

Other aspects of textile technology

In the innovation of garments under a technological application, those elaborated with polyester, nylon, lycra, and polyamides, among other fabrics that arise from synthetic fibers, and not only in soccer jerseys but also in a complete uniform, favoring the player, have stood out.

These types of presses are more durable than those made of natural fibers, thanks to their technology, of course. Another aspect of being highlighted is that they are the favorite ones when it comes to the sport since they do not fade; it hardly stretches; they are elastic enough to fit the body.

All soccer jerseys have something, in particular, the prints. Representing your team and even various brands or identifying as a player can also achieve the necessary images with this type of fabric without worrying about them deteriorating quickly. 

There is an excellent variety of colors; they are light even with sweat or other humidity; they are comfortable, fresh, and with soft fabrics, knowing that not all skins react in the same way when in contact with certain materials. It is why so many well-known brands of sportswear and uniforms prefer them.

Technology and the world of soccer

Technological progress is still capable of surprising us, and soccer, being such a universally recognized sport, would not be the exception. The uniform is a very representative element of the teams, becoming the primary focus of many brands with years of experience in sports uniforms.

Excellent brands such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, among others dedicated to this type of work, have become more involved in developing soccer shirts with technological advances and maintaining comfort in each of them using recycled materials.

Although it’s hard to believe, plastic bottles were the protagonists for elaborating professional soccer jerseys, specifically collected from the ocean and giving a welcome message to the recycling and correct maintenance of nature. Indeed, some details don’t identify, but it was a great appreciation. 

The technology has crossed the limits, including the elaboration of sports clothes, as it demonstrates well: benefiting all the users who want to acquire them and, of course, the players of the professional teams that are dedicated to the recognized sport as it is soccer.

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