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What to Know When Buying a Framed Artwork in Australia


Art has a rich history in Australia, dating as far back as 30,000 years, as evidenced by the Aboriginal arts that archeologists have found. Until now, this appreciation and use of arts as a medium of expression are observed among its locals. According to a 2016 survey, 98% of Australia’s population is engaged with art. Seventy-five percent of them believe that art is a vehicle that reflects the country’s cultural diversity. You can often see many residential and commercial buildings displaying at least one framed artwork of Australia on their wall. If you are considering adding a splash of colour in your wall, here are some reminders that you must keep in mind:

Support local artists

Australia is home to many world-class artists. However, it has been estimated that artists who are not well-established yet only earn an average of AUD48,000 in a year. This report by the 2017 Australian Council for the Arts suggests that local artists are having difficulty making ends meet despite their impressive skill.

Such a scenario is very concerning because we need these skilled individuals to continue making art that reflects Australia’s cultural diversity. Therefore, it is highly suggested that you buy from local artists, especially those who are still starting and have not made a name for themselves.

Consider aboriginal arts

Aboriginal art is a unique form that is truly Australian. This kind of art is often inspired by Dreamtime stories, which has been around for almost 50,000 years. Because Aboriginals do not have a written language, most of the stories of this culture were passed down through traditional icons or symbols. Every region has a unique way of portraying its artistic styles, so there will be no shortage of variety when it comes to the options that you will have.

However, you should know that Aboriginal art often comes with a hefty price. Ethically, an Aboriginal artist cannot depict a story on painting if it does not belong to his lineage, making every authentic artwork precious.

Get an artwork that you can connect with

Beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder. When you decide to buy a framed artwork in Australia, get something that you can resonate with. Do not just get an art piece because it is expensive, and the style falls within the current design trend. A painting should make you feel something. Paintings of nature can often provide a serene feeling while those with symmetrical patterns strike emotional interest. Get a painting that you will not display simply to fill space, but something that you will admire everything you pass by it.

Buying artwork on a budget

The worth of an art piece should not be dictated by its monetary value. Even with just a limited budget, you can find an art piece that can personally appeal to you. One way to get good finds is to visit local markets. Another way to score a relatively inexpensive art is to shop in online stores. Because there is no gallery fee and very little commission rate, the artworks’ prices are often around what the artist has in mind.

Art is an indispensable part of the Australian culture. It does not just beautify its surrounding; it also offers a story and evokes in us certain emotions. To ensure that art will continue to thrive in Australia, have the local artists in mind when you buy your next artwork.

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