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The world now has only one ruler that is the ‘Internet.’ The waves of the internet have created a typhoon in our lives that it is nearly impossible to get out. It has chained all of us in its fist. Wherever you go, instead of relaxing for a bit, you ask for the password of a Wi-Fi connection. It shows how essential the internet has become for all of us. 

The internet has made this world a global village. You can find almost anything just by clicking a few sites. Want to enjoy yummy food but not in the mood to drive? Order it home. Tired of going out to earn money? Start your own online business. You just need to have some skills and a proper platform to rule the world. There are more than a billion websites on the internet where you can find almost everything. People are making bundles of money by those websites. Why should you stay behind? Are you worried that you are not a computer geek and wouldn’t be able to develop a website? No sweat! Here we present you the throne warmer of the website’s world, The WordPress. 

A lot of money and fame could be earned from WordPress. Some well-known stores and firms have made their websites on WordPress and are making profits by leaps and bounds. We present to you the five essential things that a WordPress user must know to stand out differently among the millions of users. 

1. WordPress Can Do Anything

WordPress is an open-source website designing platform where you can create any sort of site without tiring yourself out. It is one of the most comfortable content management systems and website builders. WordPress can design any kind of website. Whether you want to create a blog to let people know about a brand or want to open an e-store to sell your products, WordPress is your perfect choice. Even a layperson who has no knowledge related to computer programming can build a website on it. You can create help forums, host a video site, create membership forums, and much more. 

2. Use of Themes

If you are a user of WordPress and have been creating websites on it, you should know about the significance of a theme. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”  Making your website looking amazing like a bride must be your priority. Thousands of ideas are available on WordPress to do the job for you. You can also find many premium themes from WordPress marketplace for themes & plugins to make your website jaw-dropping. The more aesthetic look you give to your website, the more traffic you would be able to generate. No one would like to visit a dull website which lacks the charisma. 

3. Application of Plugins

Plugins make your website versatile. It improves the functionality of your site drastically. Now you must be thinking of adding as many plugins as you want to make your website unique, but that’s stupidity. There are more than 49000 plugins available on WordPress. The sense of adding required plugins that could boost up your website should be present in your head. Adding lots of plugins would have a disastrous impact on your processing speed. It could also produce problems in being compatible with other sites. Nobody likes to wait, even if your website takes two seconds to load, the person will switch to another tab. 

4. Security Features

Whether you are working physically or virtually, security is a must. Like the robbers could get into your store. Likewise, hackers could get into your website. WordPress provides several plugins to make your website a secure one. Encryption of user’s data is something one should know how to do. Making a back up is a smart choice and a dire action that should be taken. You can find a lot of backup plugins to save your money and time. It would not take time to get into your code and make changes. Hence a WordPress user must be good with security features.

5. Seek For New

WordPress is an abyss. The deeper you go, the more you discover. WordPress has many hidden features that you wouldn’t know until you search for them. WordPress’s dashboard is a basket, where many functions are bulging out for you to use. Just friendly advice, make sure to backup your website before experimenting with new things. Otherwise, you could lose your precious data. Once your grasp over the dashboard becomes tight, you could do wonders with your website. You can then customize your website according to your needs and desires. 


WordPress is a platform that is used by millions of people. Everyone has their own set of skills. The more you learn about its function, the more you would be able to make your website diverse. Creating a website on WordPress would cost you nothing, but it could earn you a lot. 


  • Hi people, I am a 28 year old girl and you can smell the freshness and compassion from my writings. I love to spend time alone with nature and learn my work from its goodness. I believe what you experience is the shadow of what you write for your readers.

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