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How to Copy Disk to SSD with Successful Boot in Windows?

How to Copy Disk to SSD with Successful Boot in Windows?

With the development of technology, the price of SSD become cheaper than before. Many young people from study to work, and they have money to buy SSD, it’s time to upgrade their computer disk to SSD. As we known, SSD performs faster than traditional HDD in data writing and reading, so take the place of HDD to SSD can help you save much time when using computer. If you get an SSD, and don’t want to use it now, I mean, replace the old disk totally, you can still use it to do something, such as make a backup and use it in the future. Backup means copy disk data and save in SSD. If you use SSD and old hard disk together, you can enjoy more space.

With AOMEI Partition Assistant to copy disk to SSD

Copy or clone from one disk to another can realize without installing or reinstalling system and other data, this method saves lots of time to continue old work and improve work quality. A good and smooth copy process need good tool. Because simple copy & paste or drag & drop may not successfully boot after transferring, some programs may stop working. Thus, with professional copy software will help you a lot. Here, we recommend you to try AOMEI Partition Assistant, which is one of legal products of AOMEI company. The latest version is 8.4, it has years of experience and strong ability. AOMEI Partition Assistant supports from XP to the newest Windows 10 and popular Windows Server operating systems. If you have any browser issue then you can also fix it by reading our other information about chrome browser.

We recommend AOMEI Partition Assistant also because of its excellent clone functions:

  • Supports copying disk to a smaller SSD and it can only copy used space from one disk to another via the “Clone Disk Quickly” method.
  • Permit to copy GPT disk to MBR SSD, or MBR disk to GPT SSD, or simply MBR to MBR, GPT to GPT. In a word, between GPT and MBR very freely.
  • Allows you to align partition on SSD drive during the process of cloning hard disk to SSD.
  • Allows you to transfer system/boot disk to SSD drive, and the SSD will be bootable after cloning as long as you set it as the first boot order in BIOS.

You can download its free partition manager – AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition to try and learn, it is very easy to handle. Or search it in Google to find some tutorials and evaluations. Dear readers, you can also read on, we will show you how to use in following content.

Step-by-step to clone disk to SSD via AOMEI Partition Assistant

At first, you have to do some necessary preparations. Connect the SSD to your machine and make sure it is detected by the system as well as AOMEI Partition Assistant. By the way, I will tell you some tips: If your computer only has one drive bay, you must prepare a SATA-to-USB cable to connect SSD to your computer. If your computer has two drive bays, you need to open computer case, find the empty drive bay, slide the SSD in that drive bay and line up the holes in the current of the drive bay with the holes in the SSD mounting kit. Secure the SSD into the drive bay with the screws. Close the computer case and restart the system. You can also do a clean before copying, and make a backup of your needed data because we don’t know what will happen next.

Then, download, install and run AOMEI Partition Assistant on your site. Click All Tools on the left wizard panel to find Disk Clone Wizard.

AOMEI Partition Assistant

In the pop-up window, select the method based on your requirements. Here we select the default one“Clone Disk Quickly”, which means just copy used space to the new SSD, allowing the target disk smaller than the source disk, but larger than its used space, AOMEI this design is safe. Another Sector-by-Sector Clone is to clone all sectors to another disk including Bitlocker hard drive.

Clone Disk Quickly

Click Next to go, select source disk here. We select disk 1 as example, which is system/boot disk.

select source disk

Next, choose the destination disk from the list. We suggest you to check “Optimize the performance of SSD”, and then click “Next” again.

Optimize the performance of SSD

You are able to adjust the partition size on the destination disk if you choose “Clone Disk Quickly” above. Since AOMEI Partition Assistant is a full-scale partition tool, resize partition is its basic feature. Next step will prompt a boot note on how to boot from the cloned SSD after the cloning process. Read it carefully, when you think it is OK, click Finish to backup main interface.

fit partition to enter disk

You can preview the changes and click “Apply” to commit the pending operation. The above example is cloning data disk to SSD if you plan to clone the OS, select Migrate OS to SSD on the top mean is a short way. Other things you have to do before enjoy SSD is to set the boot order in BIOS, we will ignore it here, Google has so many articles teach you about it.

SSD is to set boot


AOMEI Partition Assistant is an all in on software, and it is an ideal tool alternative to Windows Disk Management, because it brakes many limits in Disk Management, such extend system partition, move partition and so on. AOMEI Partition Assistant even has some unique features, such as Windows to Go creator lets create your own portable Windows in USB. Erase SDD secure will help you revert SSD to format state and use it again and safely.


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