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15 Most Popular Gold Chain Designs to Wear Like a Pro

Chain Designs to Wear

Chains are the type of jewelry that changes a person’s personality and adds a delicate accent to every person’s life. They are sleek, pretty, and pleasing. The excellent part about chains is that it looks great on every age group and gender. It quickly goes with every attire. Read on to find the most popular chain designs to wear like a pro.

Chains are found in various metals like gold, silver, brass, and more. Out of all, gold chains are the most preferred ones. The incredible thing about gold is that it has a naturally beautiful color and radiance. Not only this, but you can also wear chains in the neck, wrists, and ankles.

If we talk about gold chains, these are exquisite, royal, and give expensive vibes. There are various varieties of gold chains you can choose from. And as it is available in different styles so it is a must in every closet. Additionally, there are many gold types, including yellow, white, rose, and green gold depending on what the alloy is composed of.

Wondering what type of gold chain you would pick for a particular occasion, and what design is a great all-rounder? To make this difficult task a bit easier, we have put together this article to inspire you with the 15 most classy gold chain designs to wear that look more elegant.

Simple gold chains

Let’s start with a basic chain that works in many ways. Simple gold chain designs to wear are simple, elegant, and look outstanding on any occasion. The overall yellow look makes it very popular, and that’s why we all love it.

It is much cheaper than other designs, but still, everyone loves to have it. You can try to wear it on its own or merge it with different chain designs to create a layered look. Wear this chain with confidence and reflect your health as well as wealth.

 Cuban chain

Among gold chain types, this one is often referred to as Miami Cuban. This type of chain is looped around the rapper’s necks. This chain is ornate, chunky, and imposes in appearance.

While men might go for a chunkier design, and women can choose smaller millimeters links and merge it with almost all outfits in their outfits. The width of the chain is 8mm to 12mm for men,and for women it’s between 5mm to 8mm. For the 10k gold Miami Cuban link chainthe length ranges between 18 inches to 22 inches for men while women do well between 16 inches and 18 inches.

Rope chains

This is one of the most durable and heaviest chain types, so rope chains are designed to look precisely like a rope. Metal segments are connected in a twisting pattern; therefore, the chain does look like its namesake.

Gold rope chains are an all-time classic type of chain and come in different lengths. They are fabulous and make a powerful statement on their own. We offer a great variety of 10k gold rope chains and 14k gold rope chainsShop our range of rope chains ranging from fine to medium. This is a fantastic choice if you’re after a chain to take center stage!

Cubic zirconia gold chains

The most popular gold chain designs to wear comes with cubic zirconia. It is dazzling, sharp cut stones and bling with a lot of shine. This type of gold chain gives the vibes of the diamond. The golden and shiny stones combine beautifully together that you will enjoy its overall look.

Box chains

This type of chain has square box links that are mostly worn as a necklace for pendants and around the wrist with watches. The great thing about the box chain is that it is very easy to repair them than other types of chains. If a box breaks, you can replace the link. Also you can reattach the broken chain with the remaining links.

Gold chains with Swarovski crystals

This type of crystals is very funky and goes well with gold. The crystals are usually studded in the chains, and artisans have to work hard to design them. The necklace and Swarovski crystals will look great together and help you to get a bold look.

Rapper gold chains

If you want a rapper or gangster look, these thick and heavy neckpieces are perfect for you. They are stylish and give you a funky look. The concrete and overall gold pattern make it very expensive. It’s cumbersome to wear, so someone who wants to show off their wealth can go for this design.

Gold and silver chains

Gold and silver merge beautifully and give a fantastic finish to your attire. It is again perfect for all age groups and gender. From thick to sleek, you can choose any design in these chains. All kinds of silver look great with gold. You can wear chain jewelry on a daily basis.

Figaro link gold chain

It is another type of gold chain design made up of flattened links. This design is usually popular with men. Nowadays, women also want them for their bold appearance. It features a set of smaller links attached to the larger one that creates a decent look. You can wear it with your western outfits to maximize your share of compliments from your friends.

Personalized gold chains

The personalized gold chain design is very popular nowadays. A person can design it according to his choice. It comes with the name, dates, sayings, word, and quotes. These styles of chains are trendy and help you to flaunt your neckline.

Rose gold chains

 In case you are not a yellow gold fan, you can go with rose gold chains for yourself. They are stylish and exquisite to look at. As it has a little touch of copper, so the rose gold chains are also known as the red gold and pink gold chains.

Gold chains with diamonds

Wearing diamonds is classy and fashionable. They enhance one’s overall look and personality. Both men and women can equally carry off diamond jewelry with style. Men can show off diamond chains, rings, studs, etc., and on the other hand, women have a diamond jewelry storehouse option open for them. The gold neck chain design with diamond is perfect for all occasions, and they stand out perfectly.

Ball chain

Ball chain is easily identifiable because of the pattern of round beads or balls strung together with a little distance separating each one from the other. It is made up of 2 parts: one is wire rods and other hollow beads. They are fixed at constant intervals along the length of the chain with connector bars. If you want a distinct look and finish this would be a great chain to use.

Gold pendant with a cross

This is the newest gold chain pattern with a cross inspired by faith. The chain body is in gold and is very lightweight with a minute pattern. These are extremely popular nowadays for a good reason. Most of them come in silver while others come in gold too. Not only the gold chain necklace with a cross pendant is good looking and trendy, but they are also easily worn with no efforts.

Mariner chain

Mariner chains are also known as anchor chains. The marine chain comprises interlocking ovals with a bar that runs across each oval center. It comes in a variety of widths, with thicker sizes standard among men. It’s good if you are thinking of elegant types of jewelry chain links.


Hence gold chain designs to wear are fashionable and help you to feel flawless.

Now you have an idea of how to check the overwhelming world of gold chain necklaces, you can make the best decision. Think of what type of chain you want to buy and make sure you get a quality one so that your chain outlasts you.

Shop our full range of chain for jewelry making here, including 10k gold Miami Cuban link chain, 10k gold rope chains, 14k gold rope chains, and flaunt your ornament in the most elegant way.


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