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How SEO and SMM together can be Your Perfect Internet Marketing?

seo and smm


Today, everything is present on the internet. Rather we need a mobile phone, vehicle or any outfit, we can search on google or different websites. Because of the same reason, even small brands and companies have gotten their presence on various internet platforms.

Digital Marketing is the marketing of products and services on online platforms. There are different sectors in digital marketing that brands work on. SEO Services and SMM Services are two of the most important tools used by brands present on the internet.

  1. SEO is search engine optimization where we work on optimizing websites internally with keyword-based content and externally with links.
  2. SMM or social media marketing is a combination of researching, strategizing, plotting and promoting a brand on social media platforms.

Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is optimizing a website or a webpage to rank for different keywords and get traffic diversion on your website. Even after this many E-commerce websites and every necessity being present on well-known websites, people search for them on Google or other search engines for better options, price and much more.

In SEO we do not just work on keywords and links but also optimization of images, texts, URL, page speed and much more. The better the website or webpage is designed and structured, the more you get traffic and as much it is easily understandable for google the better the chances of ranking.

Proper optimization with images, alt texts and content makes a website readable for both users as well as search engines like google or binge.

Social Media Marketing:

SMM is also a big term in digital marketing that includes marketing a brand and its products on the social media platform and optimizing the social accounts or presence on these platforms to display a brand most interestingly.

Here, a plan needs to be developed before working on anything. We need to strategize as per days, pattern, special posts or events and much more. This creates awareness, shares and unique or interesting posts even creates a trend sometimes. A brand should always look for new trends on social media platforms and plan accordingly.

In social media, marketers also promote brands with paid boosts which displays the brand and posts to other people who are interested in similar products with analyzing their likes, following and other actions on social media.

Why Should We Work On Both Together?

Social Media impacts quicker than the search engine. Here the brand name is getting promoted with a strategic plan and execution. For, when a brand does not have a good amount of followers or fans it needs to promote after creating a decent profile. Big brands do promote their social accounts even after reaching millions of fans or followers acquire even more.

In the case of SEO, being seen very first in search results makes a different appeal and drives traffic as well. It might take longer to show the effect on search engine rankings but is long-lasting and even when you have achieved your target you need to keep working accordingly to sustain.


SEO and SMM are 2 important pillars with minimal marketing expenses that can help you grow in the competitive market. SEO will give you a better position in the search engine results and help you be seen for your brand or product name searched in the long term as social media will help you be seen very first to the people who have an interest in your niche based products and services. Together you can have the best presence on the internet. You can work with a digital marketing services provider to plan, strategize and execute your digital presence. Do comment and let us know your thoughts on this topic. Also, share with your friends and keep following enroute editor for more such great content.


1. Is PPC better than SEO for business?

Ans: PPC is not better but quicker than SEO. You can prefer PPC if you have a small time campaign with proper On-Page SEO to be seen very first and also attract them to click and visit google premier partner agency.

2. Should we target the most searched keyword?

Ans: One should not go for the most searched keyword but most genuine keyword for which searched your website could be the perfect answer that too with low keyword difficulty at the beginner level.

3. What is Off-Page SEO?

Ans: OFF page SEO is building backlinks which should be taken good care of to grow in the best manner. While going for proper niche-based websites and target keywords to link with.

4. How long do we need to work on SEO and SMM?

Ans: SEO and SMM is a never-ending process. The time you want to be in the market you need work till then as if you have reached your target you need to sustain or someone else might take over soon.

5. Why can’t I manage my business social media myself?

Ans: You definitely can but a service provider or a social media expert will plan, strategize as mentioned different ideas and patterns to attract target customers.

6. How soon I will reach the top position working on SEO?

Ans: That totally depends on your target keyword, strategy, and work. Firstly if your keyword is really high to rank it might be really difficult for a starter’s website to rank for rather for your brand name it might be soon in a few months, sometimes even weeks.

7. Is digital marketing helpful for a B2B business?

Ans: For sure both social media and SEO are important and helpful for B2B business. You can be seen and contacted easily through these mediums as well.


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